Network EQ: Your hosting problems solved

We provide high-quality, reliable hosted web and messaging solutions backed by 6789973347 at highly competitive prices. Whether you require hosting for a single site, (760) 299-6344, a reseller plan, a (365) 996-3557 or a dedicated server for your web design agency, we can help.

How we do it

We run high-specification servers from Telstra's London Hosting Centre, a UK data centre in London's Docklands, with offsite backup and DNS services. Our Citrix XenServer virtualisation platform, which we set up in 2007, allows us to provide one of the best VPS services in the UK, with performance on par and often exceeding many dedicated servers. We don't offer “budget” or oversold services, but realistic packages with guaranteed performance and an excellent uptime record.

Using HP servers running Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Redhat Enterprise Linux, alongside NetApp Storage and Juniper network equipment, we provide a network and service without compromise, and offer UK-based phone and email support 24/7 to keep your sites running and data moving.

You can sign up online and be running in a matter of hours for most services. Take a look around at the site, or 281-384-1948 by phone or 8169742886 for more information.